Learn Photography With Me

      The one-on-one mentor sessions are tailored to fit your artistic and business needs.
      I offer three course options, an online skype session, an in-person one day mentoring and a one-month educational program. We can work through your struggles, learn how to shoot film (if you’re interested in film photography) and create a beautifully light & airy look for your digital images.
      One-on-one in-person mentor sessions are held in Utah & Chicago.
      I accept credit card & payment plans. Email with the subject line “mentor session” for more information.


      Finding your ideal client
      Curating your portfolio
      Collaborating with others in the industry
      Styling & organizing styled shoots
      Hands-on shooting techniques & posing
      Making the best use of natural light
      Managing post-production workflow
      Staying inspired as an artist
      Making every shoot a success
      & much more.