Why Film?

      Dreamy Colors & Beautiful Light

      Although I offer both digital and film photography formats, I just adore film.  99% of the images you see throughout my website are film images.  But the two questions I come across time and time again when booking sessions are: “what exactly do you mean by film?” and “how is it different from digital?” Here you will find the answers to both!

      What does FILM mean?

      Film photographs are still images taken with a camera that uses rolls of actual film.  However, we aren’t talking your parent’s old Canon you found in the back of the closet.  I use a medium format film camera that produces beautiful, crisp images.

      About three weeks after your film session, you will still receive your final edited images via a password protected fully downloadable online gallery.  All images are delivered to you as digital files.  So there is no dealing with negatives or anything of that nature.  Everything is easy peasy and ready to share, print, and post, just as they would be with a digital session!

      How is FILM different from digital?

      When editing my digital images, I’ve always tried to emulate film.  I’ve tried to achieve the same skin tones and colors, and although I can come close, it’s just not quite the same.  The light in the image when using film is gorgeous in a way that it is difficult to explain. Skin is creamy, colors are dreamy, and there’s just the slightest grain that gives a little something that you know is there but can’t quite put your finger on.

      I’m more intentional when I shoot film.  I frame up each shot exactly as I’d like it before pushing the button. The session moves at a slower pace, allowing for human connection and conversation.  I want to get to know my subjects during our time together, and film photography allows me that privilege.

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