Frequently Asked Questions

I am based in Los Angeles- California and Lisbon - Portugal but the world is my oyster as I travel around the globe to capture luxury weddings and adventurous couples. 

Where are you based?

More than a traveling wedding photographer, I am an escapist. From the most sought-after multi-destination weddings around Italy (I love Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast, and Tuscany weddings), the hidden gems of the French Riviera, Provence, Paris, Spain, and Portugal to the gorgeous tapestry of the U.S. love stories to be told will carry me away in bliss. During the next year I'll be heading to the Maldives too. 

Are you a traveling photographer?

Although my main focus is on luxury destination weddings with multi-fold, cultural, and religious events I also love it when haute-couture houses ask me to capture editorial work. 

What kind of events do you usually shoot?

I absolutely love working on destination weddings with multiple events planned, because this means I get to offer my clients with a true heirloom of their memories and get super-creative while candid and timeless. Count me in to arrive early (at least one day prior to any event and offer guidance through every step of each celebration. 

We are planning a destination wedding with multpile events which means we'll require more coverage. Can we count on booking with you ? 

Multifold events do require more than a master photographer to cover every single aspect the most pristine way possible. My aim is to provide my clients with immaculate imagery they will be head over heels with for decades to come. That is why I will never compromise their vision or the photographic style they so much covet. My team is made up not of assistants but of other master photographers whose eye for detail and expertise perfectly align with mine. 

Do you shoot weddings with an assistant? 

Throughout my career as a luxury wedding photographer I've had the chance to collaborate with a profusion of the best vendors in the U.S. and European wedding industry. If you are seeking out to have some recommendations you will find my little black book abundant with some of the finest wedding planners, floral designers, bakers, venues and stationery masters. I do not work exclusively with anyone in particular and I am always open to everything new and exciting. If, however you require some guidance on whose experience to tap on I will be glad to offer my insights. 

Do you work exclusively with particular wedding industry vendors? 

Your engagement session is an indispensable part of your wedding journey. Dressing to the nines, enjoying a walk in the streets of Paris, savoring cocktails for two at the Ritz, or visiting a gorgeous destination to take in the magic of a luxurious chateau can make for spectacular engagement session images. Sometimes they can also be part of your destination wedding, a stunning session in Capri, or an perfect vignette before your rehearsal dinner begins. Capturing your romantic engagement photographs and bottling up this amazing energy has my heart soar! 

Can you capture our engagement? 

Most of my clients book their wedding photography services a year in advance, or even earlier. If you are not yet certain of your wedding date, kindly contact me directly and let us schedule an online meeting to discuss the possibilities. 

When is it a good time for us to book your wedding photography services?

Ever since the beginning of my career I realized that the images to perfectly encapsulate unbridled romance are created in film. Film was the main reason for me to study photography and I've had my fair share inside the dark room doing the entire development process for my films which still makes me so happy. After moving to Chicago I also began shooting hybrid (film and digital) and today I can offer both with the same ease and seamless result. Even my digital images look like film but it is always the medium I love the most. 

Do you shoot film or digital?

As a destination luxury wedding photographer I would not have it any other way! 

Do you carry insurance?

Every destination wedding is unique; That is why travel and accommodation fees are not included in my initial pricing. When securing the dates, and locations I will happily create a custom quote based on your location and days of shooting to be added. Unless otherwise required, all the travel arrangements and plans are handled by yours truly. 

Are traveling /accommodation fees included in your initial pricing?

Booking your wedding photography means you can contact me any time you feel you need to discuss something. I will personally assist you to craft your wedding photography timeline, organize your portrait sessions and group images, tap on the series of events and the feel of your production which are all so important for your imagery. As most of my clients usually request one Skype Call to discuss the particulars I can also accompany you on your venue visitation, should the opportunity arise or when distance is not an issue. You will also find me willing to step in as your advocate, conveying your vision and desires to other wedding pros when you need my support. 

How often can we contact you?

Kindness, love, enjoying life to the fullest, a bit of old-world charm are all things I love about weddings and serving my clients to the fullest so they can experience all that and beyond is something I'm tremendously proud of. As I understand that each wedding comes packed with emotions I consider being an uplifting, calming force essential to what I do. I always aim to be visible and accessible to my couples, unobtrusive but omnipresent to their entire events. Honoring your journey and your love means to craft compositions that will seem untouched by time for years to come, but also to make certain you look your best in your shots. Promptly arriving to make myself familiar with all of your special people you can expect me to appear in elegant attire so that I pay homage to your tasteful events. 

What is a wedding like with you?

From the first moments of your wedding preparations and the beautiful bridal details to the portraiture, the ceremony, the reception and the candid moments my promise is to always allow you time to breathe. When everything seems to be rushing I will encourage you to enjoy, to laugh, kiss and embrace because you feel like it. When it's time for you and your guests to rock the dancefloor I will move with you and snap that great energy, but I will also amble around your venue and encapsulate the ambiance, the feel, the gorgeous surroundings and the architecture because I do want you to have EVERYTHING! I hold a great respect for the effort and dedication you'll put into planning and designing and that is why nothing should be left to chance, even the most minute details or the slightest looks you exhange. If you wish for a mild direction or a moment to pause I will intentionally ease you into your portraits and make it a breeze because you deserve the absolute best! If you have more questions on the wedding day photogaphy stages kindly contact me and I will gladly schedule a call with you. 

What is your wedding day photography process?

There is hardly a wedding I've captured and didn't pour my entire soul into, but if I had to pick at least one it would be one of my latest weddings at IL Borro in Tuscany. The venue itself - the medieval village that Salvatore Ferragamo transformed into a resort- was the perfect setting. It was a small wedding of 18 guests and a couple whose love and romance moved me to tears. The welcome dinner took place in the vineyard with pizza and vino. Strewn with garden beauty and frilled by a rainbow that showed behind the medieval village the two had a breathtaking first look, a ceremony topped with uber-romantic vows, personal notes for each guest, and a reception with the most delicious food ever. Dancing under the stars felt eternal, while the day after the wedding a relaxed pool party and brunch made for the perfect send off. Oh, I can talk forever!

Could you please describe a wedding you have utterly loved? 

It can seriously take me a lifetime to write them all down and another one for you to read about them, but if I had to choose some of the venues that make my heart skip a beat those would be Villa d' Este, Villa Erba and Villa Balbiano in Lake Como, La Foce, Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, and Villa Cetinale in Sienna, Il Borro in Arezzo Tuscany , Villa Cimbrone in Ravello , Palacio de Queluz in Lisbon , Palacio de Seteais in Sintra, Chateau de Villette, and the Ritz in Paris, Villa Astor in Sorrento, Hotel du Cap-Eden Roc, Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat and The Resort at Pelican Hill Newport Coast California. Head to my razzle-dazzle destinations section to get more inspo on the locations I love to shoot. 

What are your favourite wedding venues to work on? 

In-person meetings are so delightful! After all this time Skyping and getting to know eachother better, I love the moment we get to finally say hi upclose! Be it when I get to capture your engagement or when we travel intentionally to meet someplace between Europe or the U.S. and depending on your location or where your wedding is taking place we can arrange this to happen. 

When do we get to meet you in person? 

What we wedding photographers call "post-production" is a time between 16 to 18 weeks after the wedding day. During this time your film scans are being processed. Once the scans have returned from the lab you will receive a password-protected online gallery where you can download your images from. Around a month later you will receive a luxurious box-set with  your Fine Art Printed Images and a surprise gift from yours truly. 

When do we receive our images?

Creating legacy pieces and prints is something I'm very proud of. You are always welcome to take advantage of the print release available with your online gallery to download and print your images in any form or place you choose. If, however, you wish to receive the most outstanding printed quality, you can order through your gallery. 

Can we order our photography albums and fine art prints from you? 

Your wedding album is the opus that tells the story of your biggest day! Narrating this story subtly, gracefuly and with a perfect blend of every aspect (getting ready images, portraits, family shots, wedding parties, shots with your friends, first look, candid moments and heavenly details among them) means to take the time and enjoy your photographs looking at all these moments and what they signify. Everything should flow naturally and I'm always happy to review your draft and suggest a swap or an additions. Once you are done with your selection I will send you a final PDF before proceeding to producing your wedding album. Take a closer look to D|S legacy albums here. 

How do we select our images for a wedding album?

I am always amazed to capture people madly in love at their best, and although my photography services focus essentially on their timeless, sophisticated universes and journeys I also like to bestow my natural narrative portraiture skills in high-fashion, be it bridal couture or editorial content. Having honed my skills in the luxury wedding photography industry I offer photography, creative direction, art direction, and mentoring for selective wedding photographer brands, enabling them to communicate their vision and their power-story to their clients. You can find out more on my wedding photographer education, here. 

What other services do you offer?