Today our pro guest is Jasmine Lazzari, from The Wedding Co. I recently sat down with her, as a part of our “pro tips” series, to capture her valuable insights and experiences with destination weddings in Portugal. I am thrilled to share these with you today and hope they can guide you towards the perfect destination wedding experience that you and your loved ones deserve.

      Jasmine specializes in planning luxury celebrations for international clients in Portugal and is well known as the leading luxury planner within the industry. She is known for working only with the best in the industry and her multi-day celebrations have been published by the main international wedding publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, BRIDES & more.

      Jasmine is not only extremely talented creatively and in business, but she is also an adorable person. I always tell her, every time we get together, that I feel like we could talk about anything easily and that the time feels as if it goes by too fast. She is kind, always attentive and cares deeply about ensuring and providing the best experience and support to her clients. Isn’t it amazing when we meet and work with someone with these qualities? Her team shares the same professionalism and energy, which makes it such a delight to work with her and her team at The Wedding Co.!

      It is a great honor for me to share her trust and to photograph her dear clients that also become my close clients and friends. If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding in Portugal, The Wedding Co. may just be the right fit for you! Have a look at her 10 pro tips below, and comment or email me if you have any more questions.


      10 Tips You Need To Follow When Planning A Destination Wedding In Portugal

      1. Portugal seems to be going well with Covid-19, especially when compared with other countries in Europe. How are you currently dealing with 2021/22 destination weddings in Portugal? 

      Well, we’ve managed to shift all our June and July weddings to other dates in 2021 and our current fall weddings are still on hold, but we may need to move them, and if so, we are ready! As you can imagine, it’s not easy to copy paste a wedding with so many vendors involved, but we’re managing well so far.
      Nobody knows what the near future holds, but hopefully Portugal will continue doing well and we can start hosting weddings in the late summer.

      2. How long in advance should couples invite their guests for a destination wedding? 

      They ought to send a save the date (digital or paper) nine to twelve months before the wedding date. Invitations can be from under six months.

      Beautiful Palacio de Seteais in Lisbon, Portugal

      3. What is the average cost of a wedding in Portugal? 

      This is quite a broad question as it depends where ( venue) and with whom  (planners). As we also design each wedding, our starting price is a minimum of 800€ per guest.

      Our average for our weddings is around 1.400 +  Euros per guest. It really depends on what vendors are picked and how many extra events are involved. It’s an endless topic, and I could go on!

      4. Any tips on how to incorporate more of the Portuguese culture into the wedding? 

      Portugal is a country with a lot of historical heritage and a variety of traditions. You can easily find inspiration in architectural details such as tiles, beautiful palaces and in the local artisans work. Another way to incorporate the Portuguese culture is in food and wine, which is highly appreciated by our couples 🙂 I find that the welcome dinner can have moments where traditional Portuguese music is incorporated, like a Fado performance or Portuguese guitars. In order to appreciate and listen to Fado, there needs to be a moment of quiet, so it’s perfect for a performance to take place in-between drinks when guests are mingling. You don’t want Fado being performed on the day of the wedding when entertainment should be more lively and interactive!

      Film image of the Belem Tower in Lisbon, Portugal

      5. When are the best months to have a destination wedding in Portugal? 

      For the last few years we have found that July, September and October have had great weather. But May and June are lovely too! Always have a plan B, so to avoid a mad rush or disappointment.

      6. What are the 3 most important steps when planning a destination wedding in Portugal?

      1. Having a budget in mind is essential. What is a priority for you? 

      2. Choose a meaningful location, not one that is popular.

      3. Pick the vendors that you admire so you can look forward to working with them. It’s all about the team, especially on the day of the wedding!

      One of the many beautiful coastal beaches in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal

      7. What can couples do to make their guests feel more welcome during their stay? 

      There are special details that make guests feel taken care of, such as personalized gifts, hand written welcome notes and having our trusted concierge service on hand to help and get things taken care of.Keep the party going during the whole wedding weekend with great cocktails, Portuguese wine and amazing food. All those are a must at our events and everybody loves that.

      8. Top 3 Wedding Venues in Portugal.

      Well we would have to think of Portugal as a whole, and the country is so diverse and that’s why it’s difficult to narrow down. 

      For Lisbon, I would say Palacio Marques da Fronteira Palace for a group between 80-130. It may be difficult space wise to find an area for a symbolic ceremony, so the smaller the group the better. 

      One of our all time favorite venues n Sintra, is the Palacio de Seteais Palace, Sintra. A boutique hotel which has a great pool, pretty gardens and fresco painted walls. It’s fab for a group no bigger than 130.

      Penha Longa Resort, also in Sintra is great as its large and guests can stay at the hotel so it’s comfortable. Their Church is really beautiful and handy for anyone that would like a catholic service.They have areas for larger groups and it’s fun to transform each area.

      Porto and Alentejo have some great venues too!

      9. How can brides and grooms choose the perfect team of vendors? 

      Aside hiring us, haha, I think it’s about establishing a connection with your vendors. Once you have a connection, you can do so much more and everything flows in a way that is beneficial for everyone.

      10. Any final tips?

      Make it your day, you can’t please everyone. It should be one of the most important days of your life so just have fun!


      10 Tips You Need To Follow When Planning A Destination Wedding In Portugal